What We Do

Gauseva was founded by a group of individuals, with an 8-member governing board.

We have eight Gaushalas (a place where Indian breed cows that are non-lucrative for business are reared without any interest), five of which are located on NH 8 and three on Diggi Malpura Road, with a total cow herd of about 7500.

We are maintaining about 7500 Indian breed cow herds and nomadic Indian cows. We built a cow shelter shed of about 2 lakh square feet in each of the eight Gaushalas with the aid of kind benefactors.

How It Works?

Gauseva functions as an open platform for people and groups to donate their fair share of kindness by making donations to our existing or prospective gaushala projects.

Various gaushalas from around the nation have been impanelled with us, and we are always on the lookout for additional gaushalas in need of assistance. A donor can make a donation to a specific gaushala or leave it open for us to use for anything else, such as medicine, upkeep, or food.

The Gauseva support staff keeps the donor informed of where and how the gift was used. The donor can come to the gaushala or keep track of his or her progress through us.


Though cows are worshipped by Indians all over the country, it’s time we turn our prayers into action and truly look after our Gaumatas. We aim to encourage people to give back to the community by supporting the wellbeing and welfare of these sacred animals. We believe that even the minimal contribution of feeding a cow can be a vital instrument of change. Gauseva’s services allow you to serve, feed, and support cows in verified and trusted Gaushalas.

Why Gauseva?

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Complete transparency about the donor's contribution. The donor has the ability to track or monitor how the donation money is spent.
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Timely updates

Donors receive frequent information from beneficiaries on how their donations are being used.
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Open platform

If you are an NGO or an organization willing to donate, then you have a choice to run you own gauseva campaign with your choice of gaushala.
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Need based donation

All donations are need based, meaning the organizations inform us about what they require and we work to ensure their needs are fulfilled.
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Tax benefits

Your donations are always rewarded. We provide 80G certificates to all donors that help them claim tax benefits.

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Donor management

We empower Gaushala’s by providing them with necessary tools required to maintain and retain donors.

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